H&M Spanish Programs was started when Sebastian Melgarejo and Jeff Hayslip met at a mutual friend's house in 2002.  They began talking and realized they had something in common.  Sebastian was born and raised in Argentina and Jeff had recently returned from living in Argentina for two years.  Immediately, a connection was made between Sebastian and Jeff.  Shortly thereafter, Sebastian and Jeff, along with Sebastian's wife and a few other friends, did a three day hike over the Gore Range.  That trip was an incredible experience and the beginning of an amazing friendship and a passionate business. 

Sebastian and Jeff had both taught Spanish in different capacities in Eagle County and it made sense that they combine their teaching knowledge and love of languages and cultures to form a  business.  The business started with Spanish immersion day camps which they began running the summer of 2002.  The camp was a success then and continues to thrive today.  While holding down full-time teaching jobs, they decided to expand their business in 2008 by offering an after-school Spanish programs.  They have been expanding their after-school Spanish programs and currently run four different programs in Ealge County.

Both Sebastian and Jeff are fully committed to H&M Spanish Programs and their belief in bridging language and culture not only in our community but in the world we live in.