What The Kids Say

"Camp was great because you learned Spanish and had fun at the same time."  Micaela McGuckin (6th grade)

"Camp was great because when we learned the Spanish words early, it helped me on me Spanish test when school started."  William Thompson (6th grade)

"Camp was the best! Because I like to learn Spanish and play games with all my friends and family. I also loved getting the beads."  Isabelle Courtois (5th grade)


"I learned more than I thought I would."  Hannah Green (5th grade)

"I helps me in Spanish during the year and it is fun."  Christian Nichols (5th grade)

"What I liked about camp was we played fun games and made pinatas. It was the best camp ever!"  Caitlyn Wallace (3rd grade)



"I liked Spanish camp because we learned how to buy things in Spanish. I also learned how to say a lot of different words. You get to make fun arts and crafts and you also play fun games and sports."  Bridgett Courtois (3rd grade)

"We got to learn to buy stuff and we played soccer and we also got to draw."  Cristian Pellerito (3rd grade)

"I like Spanish camp because we learned how to buy things in Spanish and we made pinatas and played very educated games."  Nicole Affleck (3rd grade)


"Camp was very fun because we got to break pinatas that people made, play soccer and we learned how to buy stuff."  Michael Thompson (3rd grade)

"I like Spanish camp because you get to meet people from different countries."  Tessa Vlaar (5th grade) 

"Spanish camp is really fun because you get to play fun games but they also teach you Spanish."  Gracen McGuckin (4th grade)

"I love Spanish camp because you get to pretend you are a fashion model."  Kelly Guarascio (4th grade)